Choosing the Perfect Window Coverings for Any Room

Nothing makes a room look unfinished more than a naked window. However, not just any type of window covering will do. Whether you are redecorating your entire house or just small office, the right window covering makes a statement. You want to decorate, shield yourself from the sun and ensure your privacy. Window coverings include:

Curtains. Window blinds like faux wood, aluminum, vinyl, wood and mini blinds. Drapes. Shutters. Solar screen (provides protection against harmful ultraviolet light).

Think about the purpose of each room. Eliminate the idea that every window treatment in a house or office must match. You’re not going for uniformity, but style and purpose. For instance, an entertainment room may require heavy drapes to keep sun out while giving the space a theater-like feel. For your bedroom, you may want a combination of wind…

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