Nothing makes a room look unfinished more than a naked window. However, not just any type of window covering will do. Whether you are redecorating your entire house or just small office, the right window covering makes a statement. You want to decorate, shield yourself from the sun and ensure your privacy. Window coverings include:

  • Curtains.
  • Window blinds like faux wood, aluminum, vinyl, wood and mini blinds.
  • Drapes.
  • Shutters.
  • Solar screen (provides protection against harmful ultraviolet light).

Think about the purpose of each room. Eliminate the idea that every window treatment in a house or office must match. You’re not going for uniformity, but style and purpose. For instance, an entertainment room may require heavy drapes to keep sun out while giving the space a theater-like feel. For your bedroom, you may want a combination of window coverings. Maybe a blackout shade with one or more sheer panels. This will give you privacy as well as a touch of romance.

The window’s main function. The question is odd. However, every window in your home has a specific function. One window may provide a beautiful view while another window maybe a perfect source for natural light. You may be using specific windows for a cross-breeze effect during the warmer months. The function of each window typically dictates the specific window covering you’ll use. For example, you don’t want to use heavy drapes on windows that are supposed to let natural light into a space.

The function of a window may have nothing to do with natural light or a great view. You may want the space to look large or correct an off-centered window. Let’s say you have three small windows that are side-by-side. You want to make those three windows look like one large pane of glass. Using curtain panels will provide this kind of look. To make an asymmetrical window look more symmetrical, you may invest in a long curtain that stop at the floor.

Maintain privacy. Privacy is a must. So there is no negotiating on this. You can purchase a privacy lining which keeps the room comfortable and secluded from the public. If you don’t want a privacy lining, you may use blinds. You can invest in Roman or bamboo shades or some other type of covering like curtains. For your bathroom, you have numerous choices from blinds to frosted window film and shades. Keep in mind that style will probably decide which one you’ll use in a bathroom.

Amp up the style using window coverings. This is where you consider your décor when choosing window coverings. If you have a more tailored décor, you might want to consider wood blinds or even shutters as a window covering. For a living room or dining room decorated in an elegant, sophisticated way, you may choose a vertical blinds made with sheer fabric. For bohemian, coastal, rustic or eclectic decorated rooms, you may consider using drapery panels with a soft top construction. It doesn’t have pleats for a more cozy, relaxed look. You may use a specific window covering to soften up harsh lines of a window like relaxed Roman shades instead of blinds or drapes.

Other than a fresh coat of paint, window coverings are the biggest decorating game changer for a room. You want to keep in mind that window coverings aren’t contained to just valances. There are plenty of options to explore. The type of window covering you choose depends on what you consider in each of the above categories.

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