LED (light emitting diode) lights are a very efficient, durable and incredibly long-lasting light source. In addition to these benefits, LED lights have much more versatility than traditional incandescent lightbulbs.

An LED light can be packaged in small sizes, large sizes and everything in between. LED lights also come in an eclectic range of colors and can be arranged to decorate and enliven any living space.

Many people use LED lights to create atmosphere and lend a certain flare to their living rooms, hallways and bedrooms. LEDs aren’t as costly to keep going as incandescents and it’s almost impossible to overheat an LED light.

LED Strip Lights 

A string of LED lights is an excellent way to create atmosphere in your living room or office. LED strip lights come in a variety of vibrant colors, sizes and lengths.

A strip of LED lights could go right along the trim of your doorway or along the length of window sills. Most LED lights are very low voltage and they don’t need to be replaced like traditional incandescents.

Since LEDs aren’t as prone to overheating or breakage you can also have greater peace of mind putting LEDs in tight spaces or in areas that get high foot traffic.

Overall, LED light strips are a great way to tie together the overall ambience you’re going for in a living room. LED light strips can also be used outdoors, and many LED light strips are waterproof!

Holiday LED Lighting 

Decorative LED lighting can work in your living room during the holidays or even under the eaves of your home during Christmas.

LED lights these days have a lifespan of well over 10,000 hours. This means that you can attach some lightweight LED light strips around your home without worrying about busting out the ladder and replacing any bulbs.

You could even tuck the LEDs in such a way that your neighbors wouldn’t see them during the daytime or when you choose to leave the LEDs off.

LED Back Lighting 

To really make a splash in your living room and add some ambience you should consider adding colorful LED lights behind couches or televisions.

You could get creative with this idea and simulate a movie theatre’s sconces in your own home with LED back lighting and LED candles.

LED Candles 

You could try putting some LED candles on the end tables and mantle in your living room. This is a really affordable and safe way to bring a mellow mood to your home and generally liven up the atmosphere for guests.

A lot of LED candles flicker like real candles but, unlike actual candles, LED candles can be turned on and off with the flick of a switch. You can pop an LED candle in a candle holder you have sitting around – there’s obviously no risk of fire or dripping wax.

Indoor or Outdoor LEDs 

You can just as easily line your living room couch or patio with LED lights to bring your home to life.

Because LED lighting is so affordable, durable and versatile, you’re virtually only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating an atmosphere everyone will fall in love with.