How Smoking Effects Your Mouth

There's an increasing amount of social pressure for people to put out their cigarettes in public, and for good reason. Smoking can cause everything from bleeding gums and tooth discoloration to throat cancer.Smoking and Oral Health┬áSmoking can affect the soft tissue of the gums and even the bones that hold the teeth in place. On a cellular level smoking corrodes the gum's tissue and can lead to localized infections in the mouth.Cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products can also worsen preexisting cuts and infections in the gums and mouth by limiting blood flow to the gums. Overall, smoking just makes you that much more susceptible to developing a gamut of unwanted conditions.The chances of developing periodontal disease increased inflammation and plaque buildup, and even the corrosion of the actual jawbone can all be linked back to smoking.This is all troubling news since an estimated one-fifth of US eighteen-year-olds regularly smoke cigarettes, according to th…
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