How to Remove Residential Window Tinting

Whether the film on your home's windows is fading, bubbling, or you're just tired of looking at it, getting rid of it can seem like a challenge. Rather than simply trying to peel it off and then deal with the sticky mess that's left behind, try these three simple techniques for removing residential window tinting.1. SteamThe easiest way to remove window tinting is using steam and patience. A fabric steamer works best and if you don't already own one, an inexpensive model can usually be purchased for under $30. You can also try a tile and grout steamer or a floor steam cleaner. Make sure to have several razor blades on hand for scraping as well.Hold the steamer up to one corner of the window and allow the area to heat up. The adhesive will begin to soften and you'll be able to lift up one corner of the tint with your fingernail or a razor blade. Hold the steamer so it heats under the lifted corner and very slowly work your way across the window. Take your time and do…
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