LED Color Temperature 101

LED lights are an energy-saving and efficient light source that come in an array of colors to liven up any environment. Because LED lights are such a new technology, though, some people have questions about how the intensity or color temperature of LED lights compare to their incandescent counterparts.What is Color Temperature? LED Color temperature tells you the amount of pure white and other colors present in an LED light source. Although color temperature can range from roughly 1500 kelvin to 8000 kelvin, for most intents and purposes the range is 2000 to 6000 kelvin.The light being emitted from a candle, for instance, is just under 2000 kelvin whereas the indoor light you're used to seeing every day is probably closer to 4000 kelvin.The color temperature of most LED lights is thought to be around 4600 kelvin, which is bright enough to give you a full palette of coloration.The eye perceives the color temperature of LED lights as natural white. Color t…
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