The Difference Between: Employment, Business and Labor Law

With new laws for employee privacy rights, hiring practices, tax dodging and even disability accommodations changing from one year to the next, it can be helpful to have an overarching framework to sort through these different regulations.Labor, Employment and Business Law The most accessible way of thinking about the smorgasbord of all of these laws is by breaking them off into three areas: labor law, employment law and business law.Labor Law Labor law in many respects is the most specific general domain of law. Labor law relates to laws linking labor unions, employees and employers.On the macro level, the National Labor Relations Act is probably the most important piece of legislation that lynchpins all of the laws that dictate an employee's right to collectively organize into trade unions.Rules governing collective bargaining, higher wages and better working conditions, and joint action like labor strikes are all protected under the National Labor Relations Act…
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