Moving is never fun, and friends always seem to have something “better” to do when moving day finally arrives. Many people use the services of professional movers to make the transition easier, but how do you know which moving company is best for you? This can be a challenge in its own right. However, if you know what questions to ask potential movers, you can eliminate the ones that don’t best serve your interests.

Some movers may be cheaper than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will handle your valuable possessions with the care you expect them to. Ask the following questions to any moving company you are thinking of hiring and give the job to the one that fits you the best.

What makes your moving company different?

Every moving company claims to be the best, but how many really can be? Any descent moving company will have several strong selling points to get your business. If they can’t handle this easy question, they probably aren’t the movers for you.

Do you have proof of, and can I see, your local or interstate moving license and insurance?

If they don’t have insurance, you could be putting yourself at risk if anything gets damaged during the move. If they aren’t liable one way or the other for damages, they may take that same care free approach during the transportation of your valuables.

Do you carry workers’ compensation insurance?

If a mover gets hurt while lifting your heavy armoire, they may end up coming after you for medical expenses. Make sure your moving company has methods in place to protect their employees in the event that someone gets hurt on the job.

How many years has your moving company been in business?

Many years of business usually means they’re doing something right. Going with a branded, well-known company gives you the comfort of knowing you are choosing a company with experience. You may also want to inquire about how much experience their workers have on the job.

Can you provide references or testimonials from former customers?

Any company that seeks a good reputation will deliver quality service, meaning that good references should be available to you if you ask to see them.

What is your delivery and service record?

If they can’t provide this information, or choose not to, then they have something to hide. This is a red flag and you should choose another company.

What is your current Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating?

This is something you can find out online as well. While this is not always the best source of information, it may prove helpful to you in making your decision.

What type of equipment and materials will you use?

This may seem like a weird question to ask a moving company. After all, they should have all the necessary equipment to move things, right? Well, that is not always the case. Any reputable mover will have the necessary equipment, such as trucks, special packing materials, and trailers to handle your particular move.

A professional and qualified mover should expect to hear these questions. If they answer all of them with ease, then you know that they are prepared for anything that comes their way. This alone can help to give you the comfort of knowing you’ve chosen the right moving company.

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