Video is a major part of online marketing and content development. It is a perfect platform for people, business, non-profits, and any other online entity that wants to reach people in a personal way that text can’t touch. For businesses, the value of video cannot be understated. It reaches more people in a way that makes them more likely to become leads and customers.

commercial video production

Why invest in commercial video production for the web?

  • Video offers variety to in website content and improves a website’s search engine rankings. One of the lesser known factors that search engines use to rank websites is the variety of website content it presents. Search engines, Google in particular, want to give their users the most relevant, high quality content associated with their keyword. When a website offers multiple forms of high quality content around a keyword, search engines pay attention and give it a high ranking. That means more visitors to the website.
  • Video attracts a wider audience. Videos are easy to share. When people like a video’s content, they are likely to share it with their social media followers. Video is also easy to upload to share sites like YouTube. Mobile users love video because it does not require them to read through page after page of tiny text. A simple video can reach more people than dozens of pages of text.
  • Video offers a fresh way to speak with your audience. Some information is a natural fit for video. A how-to presentation is a great example. Almost anything, though, can be presented in a visual way. Breaking down a complex subject with the help of visuals can make it simpler for people to understand. People are more likely to keep that information and be able to recall it weeks later. That is perfect for companies trying to build their brand and online marketing presence.
  • Video gets both quality and quantity backlinks. Search engines look for how many external sites link back to your website. When people like a business’s video, they will link to it from their website. When they share it on social media, the links they offer also improve the backlink count. All of this helps to improve the search engine rankings for a particular web page as well as the website overall. Higher rankings mean more visitors and more potential customers.
  • Video keeps people on a company’s site longer. Studies have long proven that the longer time a visitor spends on a website the higher the chances that person will become a lead or become a customer. With video, you are going to see those higher stay times and should see higher lead generation or sales rates as a result. The key is to position the video in a way where people viewing it can easily sign up to become a lead or buy the product featured in the video.

Many businesses think that video is too expensive or complicated to put together. The fact is that video production for the web is becoming more affordable all the time as demand goes up. With so many companies producing text-based content, video is one way a company or organization can stand out from the crowd. It offers a personal way to connect with potential customers. It is the “wow” factor that makes people pay attention.

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