So many baby showers seem to revolve around the same games. If you’re looking to break away from the tradition of playing games there’s actually a lot of low cost, and low maintenance activities you can do that’ll keep your guests entertained. Here’s a list of fun and memorable things to do at a baby shower that doesn’t involve games, opening gifts, and eating.

Gender Reveal 

One of the most exciting things to do besides games at a baby shower is to have the gender reveal right there at the party. Have your doctor write down boy or girl on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, and give it to the person in charge of the baby shower. They can create a fun way to reveal the gender at the baby shower.

One way to reveal the gender is to have the inside of the cake blue or pink. They could also fill a big box with blue or pink balloons. At the party the parent, or parents will open the box to have the gender revealing balloons float out.

Video Message

With modern technology making a video is easy these days. Throughout the party have each guest leave a message to the baby on camera. In the message they can talk about the first time they met the mother, their hopes for the baby, or fond stories about the parents.

Wish Book 

On a table have an empty notebook. Throughout the baby shower guests can write down things you should do with your newborn during the first year of their life. Guests could also write words of encouragement, and words of wisdom. It’s a great way for people to spread their knowledge of parenthood while showing how much they care for you.

Onesie Signing

A fun activity that doubles as a keepsake is having a baby onesie signing. If you know the name of your future child have it put on a plain white onesie. Throughout the baby shower guests can sign the onesie. Once the party is over you can frame, and hang it in your newborn’s room. If you don’t have a name yet, get a white onesie with a cute saying already on it like “You’re Loved.”

Door Prizes

Another fun thing to do besides games at a baby shower is to hand out prizes. You don’t have to play games to give out thank you gifts to guests. Once someone walks into the baby shower have them write down their name on a piece a paper and put it in a bowl. While the mother-to-be is opening gifts she can pull a name out of the bowl. When a name is called the person has to give their best parenting advice for a prize.

Craft Table

Guests can decorate solid colored onesies with cute iron-on patches. At a craft store you can find hearts, animals, and more. On the craft table lay out the onesies and patches. The guests can choose which patches they want to iron onto a onesie. Make sure to have an iron and ironing board set up so they can be created at the baby shower.

At the party you could also create a baby shower scrapbook. All you need is a Polaroid camera, blank pieces of scrapbook paper, and different colored markers. The mother will take a picture with each person at the party using the Polaroid camera. They can paste the picture onto a blank piece of scrapbook paper. Around the picture they can decorate or write a note to the baby.