A common thing many people have to think about when preparing for a funeral for a loved one and that is what to do about flowers. Many people wonder why flowers are such a staple of funerals and what significance they have for the deceased, the family, and those gathered. Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider the option of including flowers in your funeral arrangement plans:

Many people use flowers as a way to mourn and grieve and also see them as part of their expression of their beliefs. Whether an after life,a new life, or some other ending, flowers are often seen as a way to express the life of the person who is being remembered.

The Tradition
Americans for the most part traditionally have used gifts of flowers as a way to expressed their sympathy for the family, pay respect to the departed friend, and to remember good times. This long-standing tradition helps many people heal and accept the loss and also can serve as a focus for family and friends during the service.

There is mutually understood expression that is shown in the act of sending flowers- it is sentiment. Sentiment is the accumulation of feelings, emotions, memories, and remembrance one has for a dearly departed friend. Sentiment serves an integral part of human nature and it has become an expression that is critical in the development of many common funeral traditions and practices.

Freedom of Expression
Families who are dealing with the loss of a love one and friends who are grieving the loss of a good companion deserve the right to express themselves however they want at time of a funeral and dealing with death and loss. People are different and each person mourns and deals with grief in their own way so people see flowers in different lights when it comes to funerals. Therefore, everyone should be should be free to express themselves however they want and in a way that makes sense for them.

Flowers help to instill a feeling of warmth and beauty to an otherwise dreary and depressing funeral service. Following the service, the family that is left behind has a lasting impression of the funeral service and flowers will often go a long way in painting a peaceful, beautiful, and healing memory of that funeral event.

Significance of Flowers
Flowers have become such a strong and integral part of many funerals because of a growing trend in recent years. Many families are opting to have funeral memorials or life celebrations where the atmosphere and mood is more of a memorial and celebration of the life of the dearly departed. Flowers help create the cheerful and upbeat atmosphere that these life celebrations aim for. In addition, flowers can be sent to the home of the family or be gifted to the church as a memorial to the deceased. This is why flowers have become so significant to modern funerals.

Spiritual Significance
There is also a number of symbolic importance for flowers- not only love and sympathy, but also peace and renewal. Yes flowers wilt an die but that is life and that is what faces everyone. Flowers at a funeral can help minister to those gathered by reminding them of the cycle of life and that there is always a reason and purpose and that one ending is simply a beginning for something else. There is deep religious symbolization in that flowers themselves do not last forever.