Deciding between cremation and a burial is never an easy task.  The decision that is made is going to dictate the way in which you spend the rest of eternity, in essence.  The majority of people out there simply do not want to even think about this.  The reality, though, is that pre-planning the way in which you want your funeral service to be held can make it that much easier on everyone around you.

What many individuals end up doing is just leaving funeral service planning in the hands of those who love them most.  Planning ahead can help eliminate some pivotal decisions that have to be made though.  One of these is deciding between cremation and burial and which is right for you.  Let’s explore the comparisons between each.

Differences in the Cost

There are costs that are associated with a funeral service and there are differences between what it costs for a cremation vs burial.  With the way in which the economy is today, money does matter and this can have an impact on your overall decision.

Cremation services are generally cheaper than burial services.  The average cost of cremation is typically around the area of $3,000.  This compares to burial services, which can run anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 or more.  The burial services cost more due to the fact that you have to purchase more things, including the casket, the liner, the plot in the cemetery, grave stone, and so on.  The other factor is that with burial services, embalming is needed, which further increases the price tag.

Deciding Beforehand to Help Your Loved Ones

The more that you plan ahead, the better off you are going to leave your loved ones.  If they know and understand that you would prefer a cremation, then they won’t make the decision to go ahead with a burial and spend a lot of unneeded money.  You may want to also have your ashes kept so that you can be honored and remembered in a different way than resting in a cemetery.

The traditional burial service is not always the way to go when you are thinking about a funeral.  There are many different options out there and leaving it on your loved ones to do things such as pick out your casket is not a task that they are likely going to enjoy.  When your loved ones are grieving, having a set plan already in place will assist them in following through on your wishes, while taking the burden if important decisions off of them.  Think about cremation versus burial services and determine ahead of time which is right for you.  These difficult conversations are better had while you are still around rather than after it is too late.

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