Bathrooms are one of the easiest areas in any home to give a quick facelift. Today’s savvy homeowner can make even the smallest, windowless water closet feel like a modern throne room with the clever use of LED lighting. LED lighting is both flexible and environmentally friendly – providing a vast array of styles and low-energy options for virtually any requirement. Today we’ve lined up six top tips for using LED lighting in your bathroom to inspire you on your next home decorating adventure.

On Task!

LED lighting can provide an excellent alternative to those kitsch globe lights your aunt Hilda had above her vanity mirror in the bathroom. By choosing a pair of lower-wattage sconces to grace the sides of the mirror over the sink, you’ll be thankful for the more balanced lighting and the healthier look that greets you in the mirror every morning.

Accentuate the Details

Accent lighting is often overlooked in smaller spaces in the home – but a smaller room, like the bathroom, is where accent lights can make an amazing difference. Consider recessed lighting in alcoves or storage niches, LED lights can be particularly useful for providing discreet spotlights on signature features or artwork in your space.

Feature the Fixture

Sometimes, you find a light that is so amazing it deserves to take pride of place in a room – and there are some phenomenal LED light fixtures for the bathroom. Whether you choose to hang a detailed chandelier above the bathtub or opt for a series of decorative wall lights, the nature of LED bathroom lighting allows you to craft a creative lighting display that is a feature in and of itself.

Crazy for Color

Color is a powerful tool for interior designers, and you can bring an amazing amount of color into your bathroom using LED lights. There are amazing faucets that appear to spill color as well as water into the basin, and clever shower heads that provide a cascade of changing colors to suit your mood. Careful use of recessed LED bathroom lighting can allow you to create a symphony of color in and around your bath – allowing you to soak in an ambiance of comfort for all the senses.

Go Green

Night lights are an essential for many family bathrooms – but they’re also likely to be among the household’s top energy thieves. Luckily, LED night lights are available in a slew of fun and fashionable styles. LED night lights for the bathroom are more efficient and generally cool to the touch, so curious little fingers won’t be burned by exploring in the quiet hours of the morning. It’s also worth noting that all LED lights for the bathroom provide energy savings over their incandescent competitors.

Flexible and Creative

LED stands for light-emitting diode – in its purest form, LED technology allows for incredibly precise light emissions. Because of the compact nature of the technology, a wide array of truly clever and creative lighting options are available for those hoping to enhance their bathroom with LED lights. If you’ve always wanted to soak in the tub while staring at the night sky, a skilled interior designer can make your dream come true with an LED light installation for your bathroom ceiling.

Taking flexibility and function to the next level, zonal controls for your bathroom LED lighting can provide a truly personalized experience for visitors and members of your household. The only limit to using LED lighting in the bathroom is your imagination.