If prevention is the best medicine, then why not do your best in attempting to prevent cavities, plaque, and tooth enamel loss? Well, if you really want to continue eating sugary or acidic foods, then you certainly can brush your teeth 2-3 times per day with that special enamel strengthening toothpaste that is out now. Or you can even use Oral B electronic toothbrushes such as Vitality, Black, or Deep Sweep.

Maybe you already do all of the above anyhow, along with not eating sugary and acidic foods that destroy your teeth from the inside out. Either way, if you want great teeth, it’s vital that you floss every day, use mouthwash, and brush with the right kind of toothpaste according to your particular needs at the moment.

If you really want white teeth because you are conducting some extra grooming on yourself this month, use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash.

If you are attempting to get rid of extra plaque, then you may decide to floss twice a day instead of just once.

And, if you really want a healthy mouth for the long run, then you won’t eat the following foods ever again:

  1. Fruit in Heavy Syrup – The heavy syrup that is added into canned fruit is packed with sugar and calories. There is absolutely no point in adding so much sugar to fruit when it already contains plenty of natural sugar! Eating canned fruit with light syrup, or even trying the new frozen fruit are both great alternative options!
  2. Sweet Tea – Tea is good for you if you don’t add sugar to it. It may taste great and be a fabulous thirst quencher during the summer, but once you add all the sugar it quickly becomes un-fabulous.
  3. Pickles – If you didn’t know it, pickles are coated and soaked in vinegar. Vinegar is great to balance out pH levels – but only if using it mixed with water. The acid in the vinegar will cause your tooth enamel to self-destruct.
  4. Hard Candy – This is no surprise. Bacteria is easily created by the sugary acid that leaks from the candy as it dissolves in your mouth.
  5. Bread and Crackers – When you chew either of these foods, they get stuck between your teeth, and if you cannot floss right away, will create a direct path for bacteria to make cavities.

It’s not easy avoiding carbohydrates, but it has been done successfully by many a health nut. Always remember to take good care of your teeth and you will prevent a lot of painful problems down the road. Maybe you could stop eating altogether, but that’s not healthy either.

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