Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to focus on that special someone. It can get a little distracting when you are not the only couple out with the same ideas. Do something a little different for the night. Don’t go out with the rest of the crowds, stay home and have a romantic and intimate evening just the two of you.

Create the mood. A perfect night at home starts with the setting. Set out candles and turn those bright lights off. Set out love notes, hang them from the ceiling, set them on table to look at as you eat.

Cook your meal together. Choose a menu that that is unique, one that you both can make every year. Turn it into a tradition reserved for Valentine’s Day. A bonus, you will never have to worry about you’ll do for dinner on this special day again.

Get the right movie. A perfect night at home needs the perfect movies. If you are going to have a movie night pick a couple great movies for the occasion. Don’t go too sappy with the romance. Choose a movie that you will both enjoy.

Turn up the tunes and get on your feet. Make a playlist before your special night. Turn on the soft music and enjoy your meal then turn up the music and dance the night away. Change it up, don’t just slow dance, get down and have a little fun.

Spend the night somewhere different. Plan a romantic evening in the living room and end it there. Clear the floor and spend the night there. If you have a fireplace set a fire, roast some marshmallows, and cuddle up with a book.

Make it a game night. Get out those dusty old board games and have a game night. Pick a couple of your favorites, add in some fun romantic twists to make the night extra fun.

Plan for a nice massage. Get some massage oil and give each other a full body massage. Spend time on each other.

Revisit your childhood. Surprise your special someone with a surprise attack when they get in. Have a Nerf gun ready and leave one for them to find. Then, let the battle begin.

Have a spa night for two. Plan a bubble bath, a foot massage, and pamper each other.

Take this night to try a new hobby. Plan to do something new together. Pick out a new project you can do together. Think about something you both may find interest in, painting, reading, or building something.

Have a dessert contest. Both of you take a turn making your best dessert or desserts. Then try and pick a winner.

Turn it all off. Get back to the basics. Don’t let each other get distracted with social media and other things. Turn the phones off, turn the television off, and turn the lights off. Light some candles and just enjoy each others company.

Dress to impress. You are not going out this evening. Take that opportunity to dress in something that will really get your dates attention. You can use your imagination, dress up or dress down.

Send them on the hunt. Present your Valentine’s Day gift in a fun way. Make them find it. Send them on a hunt and leave them clues to guide them around the house until they find it. That special gift could be you!