Planning a party where the guest consists of both adults and kids can be tricky. You don’t want the party to be geared too much towards one group. If the atmosphere is too stale for kids, they will get bored. However, if you focus too much on making it fun for kids, the adults may find the party a bit “childish”.

The best way to make the party fun for all is to find the perfect balance. There are many things you can do that are fun for each age group. The best way is to keep things natural and simple. Here are a few great tips to help you plan that next party.

Plan ahead. Make sure that you are equipped with plenty of toilet paper, wipes, napkins, and all the necessities. Keep them handy too.

Set the right tone. Pick a theme that is non-age and non-gender specific. Having a theme makes things easier to plan and organize. Try something such as a game theme, a beach theme, or a winter theme.

Clear the place of breakables. Kids will have more fun if they aren’t being told to watch out or no the whole time. You and the parents can also have a better time if you aren’t worried and they aren’t walking behind the kids all the time.

Set a flexible time-frame. You have to work around bedtimes, nap times, and still allow time for people to get ready. Make you time-frame broad and allow guest to arrive and leave when they need.

Choose a space big enough. You won’t want kids cramped in with adults. Choose a setting that provides space and a chance to divide up a little. Pick a few rooms to escape to that have things for kids to do while adults converse.

Keep the food simple. When it comes to food, keep it simple. One idea is a pot-luck, supply the main dish and have everyone add to it. Or you can go with a taco bar or hot dog bar. This way everyone can build-their-own. Have plenty of finger food.

Turn on the music. Having the music on and up will add to the atmosphere. Create a playlist that has a great mix suitable for all ages. Throw in some oldies but goodies with some new and hip jams. A little bit something for everyone will keep the party going well.

Recruit the help of a babysitter. Have someone at the party that is great with kids, and that doesn’t mind hanging out with them. Having someone with their eyes on the kids allows the parents to relax.

Plan a few activities. Create a few different spaces, one for kids, one for adults, and one common area for both. Have a “movie room” playing family-friendly flicks. Chances are this is a space both groups may hang out. Keep kids busy with a craft table, a bounce house, and some games. Adult spaces can be socializing and relaxing.

Make it a pool party. If you have a pool there is nothing better for both groups. Both kids and adults love hanging out by the pool and swimming. Just be sure supervision happens at all times.

Be prepared. Accidents can and will happen. Don’t stress if they do. Kids will make messes and so can adults.

Relax, have fun, and enjoy. Above all, relax. Your guest will have more fun if you are comfortable and enjoying yourself.

Follow these tips and you will have a fun and successful party. Both the kids and the adults will enjoy themselves and so will you!